We've all swooned over one (or all) of Carrie Bradshaw's shoes. For me, it was the iconic blue Manolo Blahnik that stole my heart. This beauty right here:

Trendyva Shoe Accessories Manolo Blahnik

And while I envied her collection, how she spent so much on a shoe she could damage on the street cracks of NY is beyond me. But I told myself, when I marry I will splurge on a pair of these for sure!

And when the day came to buy my wedding shoes, Manolos turned out to not be comfortable after all (for my feet); and for a bride who intended to dance all night, I needed beautiful shoes that were comfortable. And we all know that is a hard find!

But what about those shoes made it so desirable? It sure wasn’t the name, I never cared for that. That electric blue was certainly eye catching, but for me it was the shoe accessory itself that got me. After all, it is the accessory that makes this otherwise ordinary heels look absolutely gorgeous. So I thought, why can’t we just get those shoe accessories and clip them on any pair we like? 

Imagine the possibilities; you can expand your closet infinitely! Buy your shoes in a few basic colors, and only change the accessory to get an entirely different look every time! You can finally buy comfortable wedding heels, without compromising on beauty or sparkle! Or get a designer look for the fraction of the cost. Wouldn't you love to customize your shoes exactly how you like from tip to heel; flats, sneakers and pumps?

So you can go from this:

to this:

in a snap!

Well, we're excited to bring you that opportunity because we'll be rolling out different collections to accessorize every part of your shoes!

So if you love this idea and are as excited as I am for it, then show us some love. Follow our Instagram and Facebook accounts to see all the amazing and ingenious accessories coming up. There's more than just shoe clips and trust me, you definitely do not want to miss it! And don't forget to share the love with your friends and family.

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